Admission Counseling Code 1509


Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)

Be ethical, productive and contributing members of the society.

Have knowledge to achieve success in technical careers in industry, academia, government or other organizations.

Have ability to design and conduct experiments of mechanical engineering, as well as to analyze and interpret results obtained.

Have ability to design a mechanical system, components or processes to meet desired needs within realistic constraints such as economic, environmental, social, political and ethical, health and safety, manufacturing constraints and sustainability.

Vission & Mission


To develop globally competitive human resource by imparting high quality education and training.


Impart quality research oriented technical education enabling the students to fair well in global competition.

Enhance student’s knowledge about the current industry by providing good institute industry interaction.

Provide value added quality assured education.


Project Work - April 2019

Project Work


Year/Sem : 3RD YEAR – 6th semester
Acadamic Year : 2018 - 2019
SI.No Project Title
1. Design and fabrication of universal self drilling screw
2. Design and fabrication of pulse jet engine
3. Design and fabrication of shaft driven bi-cycle
4. Design and fabrication of stair climbing trolley
5. Design and fabrication of plus shape socket Allen head with key
6. Design and fabrication of sewage cleaning nozzle
7. Design and fabrication of duplex tyre coupling
8. Design and fabrication of gear cutting attachment in lathe
9. Design and fabrication of angular gearless drive
10. Design and fabrication of kinematic hacksaw
11. Design and fabrication of fire fighting robot
12. Design and fabrication of air powered vehicle
13. Design and fabrication of magnetic gear
14. Design and fabrication of thermal coated charcoal silencer
15. Design and fabrication of shaft driven air compressor
16. Design and fabrication of foot dust cleaning machine
17. Design and fabrication of composite material, epoxy resin & neem fiber
18. Design and fabrication of solar air cooler
19. Design and fabrication of portable mini refrigerator
20. Design and fabrication of coolant in lathe
21. Design and fabrication of combination of brake and acceleration in single position
22. Design and fabrication of eccentric hammer
23. Design and fabrication of salt water welding
24. Design and fabrication of multi drill holder
Year/Sem : Final Year
Acadamic Year : 2018 - 2019
SI.No Project Title
1. Design and analysis of impeller
2. Design and analysis of Multinut remover for four wheeled LMV with varying PCD
3. Design and analysis of self balancing gyroscope bike
4. Detection and quantitative evaluation of determination in GFRP using microwave NDT method
5. Fabrication and analysis of automotive car banking system
6. Fabrication and analysis of improved vehicular aerodynamic system
7. Design and analysis of thermal comfort in a prototype residential model building
8. Mechanical characterization and comparison of glass fiber and fiber reinforcement with aluminum alloy (GFRAA) to improve the strength for automotive application
9. Design and finite element analysis of style wheel in agriculture application
10. Design and fabrication analysis of load efficiency of step mill
11. Hydro-mechanical regenerative braking system
12. Design and analysis of soil filler and wheeler with bio fertilizer attachment
13. Decentralization of oil tank testing in gear box
14. Boom fixture
15. Gear shifting using push button in two wheeler
16. Joint strength analysis of lab joint in polymer matrix composites
17. Analysis of pneumatic bumper
18. Design and thermal analysis of fins and with extensions
19. Design fabrication and analysis of compact two seated ac car
20. Design and analysis of lifting tackles
21. Design and analysis of bumper by using composite materials
22. Design and analysis of belt and pulley in hybrid power generation
23. Study and analysis of time reduction frame and chassis layout
24. Design and fabrication of encoder mounting system for CNC vertical turning lathe
25. Design an fabrication of automatic tyre pressure inflation system
26. Design and fabrication of weighing bridge in moving vehicle
27. Design and development of automatic power steering by using fuzzy control system
28. Design &fabrication of punching press producing solid composites from municipal solid wastes
29. CNC based visual inspection system and


It’s analysis the child part assembly rejection to improve the (PQDSM)

30. Design &fabrication of slotting attachments in drilling machine
31. Optimization of man power utilization through machine modification in motorized chaffer stand for first stage tire building machine and provision of additional let off unit for second stage tire building machine
32. Finite element model and implementation of pipe part